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Ways to Ensure Energy Efficiency in Commercial Building Lighting

Commercial building owners deal with a lot of issues when it comes to their buildings. Take, for instance, making sure that there is energy efficiency for commercial buildings. Commercial establishments are among the leading consumers of electricity. Without electricity, none of these commercial establishments will be able to function and work as they should. Even if these buildings require the most energy, this does not mean that one cannot find ways to conserve its use. Bear in mind that if you will be consuming more energy, then you will also be paying for more of them. Getting the help of energy management companies is most common for these companies to ensure energy conservation. You can find different areas of commercial buildings that utilize a lot of energy. One of the most undermined parts of a building that use energy is lighting. For those who have not upgraded their lighting for a couple of years now, you are most likely overpaying for your building lights.

If you look at the overall energy consumption of most commercial buildings, 60% goes to interior lighting solely. Another addition to the overall commercial energy consumption of these buildings go to exterior lighting. The amount of energy usage varies from building to building depending on exterior illumination requirements and the size of the building. To effectively reduce your annual commercial lighting expenses, you should seek the recommendations from an energy saving company. An energy efficiency consultant will be doing a lighting audit of your overall building. The information they gather from the audit will then be used to find the best approaches and solutions to meet your energy efficiency goals and needs.

If you want nothing more but to keep the lighting of your commercial buildings energy efficient, there are various solutions that you can choose from. When it comes to your commercial lighting needs, there are many methods that one of the commercial energy management companies will provide you.

Energy efficiency experts will often suggest commercial building owners to replace their old fluorescent ballasts. These ballasts have been noted to consume more energy to get maximum effect, which you often find in central areas like corridors and halls. If you must replace them, make sure to do so using more efficient ballasts, namely T8 lamps.

Incandescent lighting is another example of lamps that are not that highly efficient in the present market. This lighting choice is often used in small spaces of commercial buildings like work areas and offices. An energy-efficient move is to have them replaced with compact fluorescent lamps. You also have the option to replace them with high-intensity discharge lamps.

Another way to improve energy use in commercial buildings is to improve what light settings you currently have. Some of these strategies include applying light colored paint to your walls, reflectors to fixtures, and lenses to fixtures for concentrated illumination and lowering light fixtures.

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